about flight level

before i took a 787 from toronto to london, it went up to 43,000ft once after takeoff, is it rare? or is planes flying this high everyday? i am asking because i want to keep real sim at IF

43,000 feet is an acceptable height for the B787, but it is the ceiling (top) of cruise altitude. FL430 is quite high for your first cruising altitude for a flight, I would suggest step-climbing your way up to FL430 (on a longer flight at least). Maybe try starting at about FL360 or so.


In the 787 it’s ceiling is 43,000ft so you were as high as you could go. I think most other aircraft can’t cruise that high. Likely every other plane (except the A350) you’ll be on will be cruising in the 30 thousands.

Edit: Just checked and the 777 has a service ceiling of 43,000ft too so I guess it’s best to check the service ceiling for the plane you’ll be flying first. I usually cruise in the 30s though.


it’s rather rare to see the 300ER at FL400 or higher

As I’m living in carribean, I see often the 772 of british airways arriving at FL400 or FL380

But yeah, I never see 77 up to that yet


Normally private jets go that high, not normally Commercial Aircraft.


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