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People request for exemple; a320neo. It’s for remplace actual a320 or a new plane?

It’s a new plane, read this for more Information. :)

Basically the A320 with new engines.


ok thx :D @Daniel_K

Move this to #meta
And correct spelling :)

Do you have to nitpick on every post about small details? I understand that you’re trying to help, but lighten up a little bit. Thanks.


If it needs to be moved to meta (which it doesn’t), a regular will do it. You don’t need to point it out, just let regulars and mods take care of it.


Tbh it does need to be in meta

Apparently tree hugger Airbus said today that NEO stands for New Environment Option

Make a real word aviation post.
I do agree that airbus are tree huggers.

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No it doesn’t. He is asking if the a320neo is a new plane or a replacement. He just stated he had heard about it on the forums.

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