About Feature requests

Hi @ll ,

i know, that all of you want different liverys , option for the planes , new maps and all other stuff. Mostly when I login into the forum i see Feature Topics all over. It isn’t easy to create, and also maintain a game . So with increasing Feature Requests every day, i wanted to say a pretty please with sugar on the top:

Please let the developers focus on fixing bugs what are in the game first, like:

  • Connection issues ( more stable servers)
  • Sequencing Bug on TS1
  • and other small fixes

Once everything is stable, go and shoot your requests…


We can still request stuff though


I don’t know of this should be in meta because of feature request topics so I’m going to leave it be

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Iam sure you can, I didn’t say stop posting requests, just keep them down a bit to the bugs are gone…

If you’re not asking for features then why is it under features? Oh well…

Already moved it to meta…
Wanted to proof a point,lol

Good job mate!

What I wanted to say with that:
I’d could relinquish an new livery, more than hearing : Respond to go around all the time😁…for example.
Or have my planes vanish while on Approach… Or worse reappear on short final…

Everything is stable :)

The Devs can’t focus on just global they sometimes need a break

The DEV know what they are doing and specialty they know what is the best for as and the community . And they need having reste because they are not robots . Special I like what they do every time they know what to do . Thanks 👊👮👮👮👮