About expert server

I Think This Is Unfair Infinite Flight Why You do seprate expert And Casual Server . :( . I Think You should Give Equal Equality To Both server Pilots . In Caual server Not a Hight Traffic I Think You Can do Mix Casual Server & Expert server Pilots :)

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As good as you think it would be, we do need a means of segregating different server for different purposes. Mixing Casual and Expert is like mixing Whiskey with a motorway, just not a good idea, seeing as casual is just about anarchy, and expert is much more regulated.


Expert server is not something limited to a certain group of people, anyone can gain access to expert if they get enough flight hours and landings, everyone that flies on expert has had to earn these things to gain access

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I Know But There Is No High Traffic In Casual Server .

Mixing casual and expert would cause carnage to say the least. Casual is where both new pilots and pilots who want to mess around go to. If we let pilots who takeoff from the parking area onto expert. Imagine what would happen during the FNF streams? It would turn into absolute madness. I think it is very good Infinite Flight separates servers.


Yes. Sorry For This idea Coz Iam New Pilot in Infinite Flight . can You Help Me To Reach On Grade 3 My Landings And Take Off Is Everything Good . but My Voiltations Is 0 . What I Can Do

Just continue flying as realistically as possible. That is the easiest way to advance your grade. Do not fly recklessly otherwise you will incur violations and not be able to move up to grade 3.

Take a read on this to see the grade requirements!

Thats because people rarely play in the server long term, getting the requirements to reach Training server are quite easy, and people stay there because it is moderated to some extent with violations.

Do keep it below that, because the grade requirements for violations are maximum, rather than minimum

I see no problem with how it is.

Casual Server is for those who are looking to do whatever they wish - sort of a sandbox mode so to speak, where your imagination can run wild with no chance of being penalized.

Expert Server is for those who take Infinite Flight seriously, sometimes as if they were pilots in real life, which a few Expert Server flyers and IFC members are, to varying degrees.

Combining the two would be a nightmare. You might have a pilot on final who is trying to take things seriously, and the next thing they know someone in an F22 who is doing stunts like they’re at an airshow comes up and starts zipping through them at 600kts.


the training server used to be the busiest server

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I agre with you…👍🏻 l

i fly on all three servers it just depends what im doing. but it give pilots something to work for and it makes sure that ATC dont have to report more do to people not knowing how to fly on expert

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The 3 servers are there for a reason. The casual is for the new people to IF, and for acrobatics, messing around, etc. the training server is a bit more serious, for pilots and ATC in the making. The expert server is for all seriousness, pro pilots and ATC only
Ok but the expert server is serious no messing around

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See Tsumia’s response.

Interesting but rather accurate analogy. Casual is just that. Very little rules whereas Expert aims to follow and adhere to real world rules. Even myself when on the casual server, I bust rules that would typically be frowned upon on the expert server.

Everyone needs a place to have a little extra fun and that’s the casual server. Merging the two servers would likely never happen.