About emergency fuel

Ive been seeing a lot of post and comments regarding em fuel situations. So I would like to make a small post about it from mu flight.
Emergency fuel can be Announced/Declared if your flight is longer than 1Hours and 5minutes and have less than 30 minutes of fuel.
It can be found as one of the last options on your command list next to resend last message.
But if you’re on final and have 20 minutes of fuel left and its a busy frequency it might be useless. It should probably be only used in a busy area where you might have to go around or fall behind traffic like I did.
Once you declare emergency fuel, Air traffic control will respond confirming they are aware of your situation. image image After that you will be told to diver to neared to practical airport. This does not mean they don’t want to deal with you, I believe it’s automatic response as for Jakarta was the nearest airport. I wasn’t going to make it to the next one. image After this I only had 4 minutes remaining. But you know when your phone is at 4% and dies anyway? This happened to me, 4minutes left of fuel. And than it got quiet I was out. image
Oh and the Tab shows you have more fuel time than you do, so it could say you have 30min but 5min later you have 10, even if your trying your best to save it. Hopefully this answers some questions, Thank you. I hope no one has to declare emergency. But I was stingy on my weight. Don’t be stingy, be smart.
Happy flying
-Cheryl Tunt


Very handy. Thanks for this!

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Thank you @Jet_Airways_995 for dealing with me :)

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The divert message is NOT automatic. The atc response menu gives the choice of copy or divert (or similar wording). If they’re reasonably sure they can get you in on time it’l leave out the divert part.

Thank you