About don’t following instructions in TS

Hi,community, I just controlled ATC at EFHK in TS server,but I don’t know what can I do if someone don’t follow my instructions,he didn’t contact ATC during taxing and taking off,anyone can help me?😂

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Nothing you can do sadly… it’s the training server after all and trolling is not uncommon.

So there is no need for ATC in TS 😂😂

People choose to follow it if they want.

I have sent him more than three times

The training server is what it says it is in the name. A training server. If the pilot does something wrong, then there’s really nothing you can do. In the same way, if the controller does something wrong, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

I recommend using the training server to get comfortable with the controls and the general way Infinite Flight works, but if you really want to have professional IF pilots listen to your ATC commands, then sign up to become an IFATC.


I can definitely see why you said that, but ATC is very important for TS for different reasons. If ATC wasn’t on TS then almost all of us would never be able to control as the only place then would be on expert server, and getting into IFATC requires a lot of hard work and training so we need ATC on TS on there too. And because it can be enjoyable to control for other people too, such as for a group flight on TS or for an event, even if there are a few people who disregard instructions.

To answer the main point, no unfortunately you can’t do much. You just have to hope that anyone who comes into your airspace follows your instructions and be persistent with the ones who don’t. If they’re deliberately trolling or doing something serious that shouldn’t be done like having a rude call sign PM and they can sort it out.


The training server is training server and will always be the training server. Guaranteed people will be their not listening to instructions

One thing I did to work up my ops to become an IFATC is to just pretend it is the Expert server. Do what you’re supposed to do as if everyone listens. If someone doesn’t follow instructions “ghost” them by swiping their flight strip away and pretending they don’t exist. Just because someone doesn’t listen to you doesn’t mean everyone won’t. Ignore the delinquent pilot and carry on with your controlling.

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Thank you,I will take your advice

Thanks,got it

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The people who do listen are spectacular but you will always have that one who comes and goes as they please with no regard to anyone else trying to learn. Its something i have gotten over. I typically spam those with an on-guard msg until they leave my zone lol. After all they can deal with it or spawn elsewhere. If im busy and others are on my frequency ill just let it go. I try to be as realistic as possible regardless if its training or expert server. I also think a lot find the game and then do not realize there is a site dedicated to rules and understanding of the game.


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