About contact ground instruction

After landing at YSSY, I was told “(Callsign) Contact Sydney ground” on the runway. Do controller need to say it then? if I remember right, between Tower and Ground frequency don’t need frequency instruction.

You need instructions to contact ground or tower.

You get the instruction to contact tower (from ground) when you get your taxi clearance.

Also you would usually get your freq change instruction to ground from tower when you get the “exit runway” command. If for some reason you didn’t get it, you haven’t been told to contact ground. So the controller would send you a “contact ground on XXX.XXX”. :)

Never change frequencies without being told to


Was it “please expedite, contact Ground on the taxiway”?
If so, he just is saying to contact Ground so you can taxi to parking on the taxiway.
This should happen every flight.


When I’m doing tower controller, If I couldn’t “Exit runway” instruction, do I need “Contact ground” instruction?

If they exited the runway without being told to do so, most people will switch to ground anyway. If they don’t then yes you should tell them to contact ground.

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As I said, don’t change frequencies without being told to. When you get the “exit runway when able, contact ground on taxiway”, that is a frequency change command. When someone exits before the controller sends one, he hasn’t got the instruction. Hence, he can tell you to contact ground manually, and you can switch. :)

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I wasn’t told “Exit runway”.

Exactly. Then the controller will give you the “contact ground” instruction manually.

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Is that when outside the hold line?

OK, thank you for letting me know :)

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Exactly, after crossing the hold line when exiting the runway is when you would then contact ground. Refrain from stopping before the hold short when crossing the runway when asked to exit the runway by the controller.

I understand, thanks :)

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Sometimes if TWR misses you exiting the RWY and you are on the taxiway still on TWR freq you might receive a simple “Contact GRND on 1XX.XX”-message.

It depends on the regions…IF follows US ATC …And u have to follow those instructions …otherwise u can be ghosted

Being told to do so sounds just about right.


In RL you can switch to tower on your own while holding short of the runway. But yes, once you enter the runway, you should never switch again without instructions.

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