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Hey,i tried to download "if checklist " app but it’s not to my Android version any other check list for infinite flight simulator?

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Welcomee to IFC!
If you can’t download it on Google Play, then you probably really can’t get it on your current device.
All I know is this is their website:
IF Checklists - Checklists for Infinite Flight
You can find out inside how to contact them.
Good day!

It’s been about 4 years since the app last received an update, I think it’s safe to say that it was discontinued.

IF Checklists - More than just checklists!

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Not as cool as an app, but you could always just use Acrobat and a PDF file.


Where do I get these files?

I just uploaded one of the files to this page:


I’m sure this will be very useful. Thank you!

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You’re welcome.
I haven’t looked at the file for some time, so it might need to be updated.
Let me know if it needs work.
I might be able to take a look.


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