About Canadian Airports

Actually FYI if you went to Fredericton international Airport you would find out the impotence of CYFC and why it’s intercontinental.

You would also know that Saint Johns is THE last line of defence.

I don’t understand why you took 23 minutes to make that to try to prove me wrong. last the DC 6 is used by buffalo Air in northern Canada. PLEASE can a moderator close and unlist this

Sorry to inform you but it isn’t. My comment is base on facts not on observation:)[quote=“Sam1, post:21, topic:43218”]
You would also know that Saint Johns is THE last line of defence.

Eh no. Saint-Johns isn’t a military airport. The military airport in Newfoundland is another one. It most important because it’s a airport that’s located in a good spot for flights crossing northern the Atlantic or crossing over the Artic ocean to land in case of emergency like when the operation yellow ribbon took place:)

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It doesn’t matter how long I took. I did it to properly inform people about the mistakes in this post.
Fine one airline may used the Dc-6 but that’s only one and there is more than one airline that does cargo in Canada :)

Mod should close this for incorrect information and not because I’m trying to correct you:)

Don’t sign your posts, it was in the IFC guidelines :-)


Wow… That is a long correction you have there…

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I tried my best to correct what was wrong in the post, too better informed the community :)

Apparently the whole thing is wrong, thus your long correction… 😂

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The original poster (@Sam1) can correct inside his post if he desires to (I strongly recommend it) so the corrections aren’t needed anymore:)

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Fleet and AFB’s.

Since I’m living in Canada, I can confirm all these informations.
Small remark: CYMX isn’t actually the largest airport in the country. CYYZ is.
All this sums up how it works in Canada.
Thanks for that Jon!

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CYMX (Mirabel) is the largest airport in surface covering. It’s also the second one in the entire world.


CYVR is the second biggest with passenger volume and the Number 1 airport in North America for 7 years running

So that would be the busiest airport.

FYI according to this list CYVR is the largest airport in Canada, but for those that tried to convince me that Marbil is larger, and the largest Airport in Canada, you were wrong, it’s not even on that list!

Largest in building size your probably talking about or in quantity of passengers it can handle. @Sam1

I’m talking about the largest surface covered (area that it coverage) it’s Mirabel (CYMX)

The only reason they have so much land, is because they were planning on building 6 rwy (I think) 5 terminals (I think)
But they only have a couple of airlines flying there! How do they plan on getting all those airlines back?

Over here it states that it’s the second largest airport in size in the world.

The first one is KFIA.

@Sam1 can u please tell me how Vancouver is larger than the second largest airport in the world?

That’s not the reason why it has so much land. Its so big because when Pierre Eliot Trudeau decided to built a second airports for different factor at the time , he made it clear that the airport would be the largest airport (in size) in the world. In the 2000’s KFIA did a extension that made it the largest airport in size.

2 rwys, 1 terminal? 12,000, 8,000? It is not the second largest airport in the world largest airport in the world, it’s not in any list I have seen!

can someone help me!

Can u please read. I’ve been repeating 20x that I’m talking in size. Hectors, km2, . I’m not talking in capacity or in the number of passengers that it can receives. It had 5 runways in the beginning. Now it has 2.

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