About Canadian Airports

Hi, here is some info on Canadian Air!
Read Here for the largest Canadian Airports
The Busiest Airports in Canada


Thanks for creating YUL, it’s a great airport.


I did not make CYUL it’s a how to make

Oh sorry. I didn’t realize that

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Is this topic really needed. The airport editing team has done bigger airports. How do you think JFK and KDEN were made?


I just think he was trying to be helpful and give advice :)


All I’m trying to do is help

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It’s not really needed but appreciating the guy wouldn’t do that much harm✌

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Thanks, that’s so nice! I spent 20 minutes making this thread


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Not really, these are just basic facts about the airports in your country. Not helpful :)

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Many of our Canadian Airport Editors have this covered.

@tranquil_skyflyer is one of many.

you know YZZ is a tiny airport in the middle of BC

I meant YYZ

You know that the bigger airport in Canada is CYMX and not CYYZ. In fact it is the second largest airport in the entire world. Please make sure you know your information next time:)


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I think he means biggest as in, largest amount of people travel through there, most flights.

Lighten up on the poor guy! He’s just trying to help.


He should of been more precise in that case

plus, until global flight comes out, theres not really a need for this info

First things first. CYZZ isn’t a airport. Next, the largest canadian airport is CYMX (Mirabel Int’l airport).

If you were referring to the busiest canadian airport it is CYYZ (Toronto Pearson Intl airport)

Not necessarily. Most of them are controlled by Navcanada and some of them aren’t international. (Don’t make assumptions)

First that’s incorrect . It isn’t important even for intercontinental flights. Halifax Int’l airport and St-John’s are even more important for intercontinental and international flights:)

First off, it isn’t the second busiest canadian airport. CYVR (Vancouver Int’l airport) is the second busiest airport. CYUL is the third busiest canadian airport. Next thing, CYUL doesn’t have a few gates and has a fair amount of gate. It has enough gate to be considered a international airport and to handle every day traffic.Thirdly, the other gates are attached/connected to the main facility of the airport.

A international airport is a airport that has customs and immigration and that checks out the standards from IATA and ICAO. Also CBF isn’t a internation airport as far as I know. It’s something else.

That’s not necessarily. First it may very the letters of the airport code. Secondly, CBF and CFB have completely different meanings. CBF can stand for the Canadian Bridge Federation or something else. CFB stands for the Canadian Force Base.

Don’t make assumptions of the airports numbers of runways. It varies for each airport and there location especially for military ones. Also smaller military airports may not be able to handle the C17 Globemaster.

First, Canada doesn’t have airports dedicated for cargo. In addition a lot of international airports, that are mostly used by planes that carry’s tourism or passenger and very often cargo, have facilities for cargo handling. Secondly, you may be referring to some airports that aren’t used as much as others and that moslty receives cargo planes. This isn’t because they built specific airports for those types of activity but a result of the airports that are more favourable because of their proximity of the city or because it’s bigger or other reason’s.

Next. So called “cargo airports” can handle bigger planes than a DC-6. Also DC-6 aren’t use these days. Some of those airports can handle 747s ,or other planes. Also it depends the weight of the aircraft, destination, and a bunch of other stuff. If you didn’t have experience with cargo and Canada, please do not say if it’s easy or hard because you don’t know.

@Sam1 I appreciate your efforts for trying to teach other people about Canadians airports but next time can you please make your research. It seems (from my point of view) that this information is based on some knowledge that you have about Canadians airports.

Please do your research next time:)

Thank you