About Boeing 747's Front Hump (Warning: Very "Triggering")

Like honestly, did these people even do their research?
I feel like absolutely 0 effort was put into the making of this video.

Hmm, I kind of ended up liking that specific video for some odd reason…


This should be in #real-world-aviation :)

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I thought it was an OK produced video. Do you know why the hump? Maybe instead of complaining you could enlighten the community, unless the point of this post was to shame that video, in that case I’ll get my pitchfork and torch…


Nvm ignore my comment. Just saw your profile. Explains a lot about this post.


Lmfao “very triggering” I though it was fine lol


This was a very dumb video. Especially for Avgeeks!


The long title triggers me more then the video.


This video got me extremely confused. Did it tell me anything I didn’t know or explained what a 747 is?

The video was suppose to inform you about the hump on the Boeing 747.

It barely tells anyone about it. Where did a Concorde come from?

Concorde, was added into the video to show history in Aviation in 1960ish. (When the 747 was being developed)

I think they explain the hump here at; 0:49

The Hump was there to provide a space for the cockpit. The Nose was used as a door, so the Cockpit had to somewhere, so they chose a second level to the plane. Which ended up as the hump.

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I bet it was because of the music wasn’t it. Had nothing to do with all the planes

I have two thoughts on this: It wasn’t a really good idea to make the hump on the top just for the cargo nose because I think in the old days mostly they used it to transport passengers.
My second thought is that Boeing had a pretty smart idea of adding a second deck to put the cockpit so the nose would open up for the cargo.

Well, I guess it kind of ends up being a half and half sort of thing then…

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Don’t assassinate me. I watched this video a while ago, and I think it is absolutely terrible.
Fine, I am not certain of the exact reason, but like…seriously?

The bump was originally designed for cargo. The idea of filling it wth passengers instead of crap had nothing to do with the original design

The reason they made the hump was because Boeing thought that passengers would all start travelling supersonic, which would have made the 747 redundant. So they added the hump so they could use it for cargo with ease.

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