About B787 Xiamen Air Painting

The first picture is a contrast.


I think the devs have more important things to work on than fixing this. Unless it’s not a complaint, in which case, I don’t see the point of the post.

What’s wrong with it?

The waist is too high

Above the wing image

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Ahh i see. The highest stripe went above the wing.


Your problem is that you’re in a different time setting, which is why you get a more-grey body color. It should match if you change it to noon. Your screen brightness could also play into effect. Please add the photos for the paint misalignment at the top post to all could see when they first glance

That’s not what their complaint was about.

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That’s what the first post he made was about, on the very top

Or was he referring to the difference between the two blues?

I’m not sure what he was referring to at first. No context.

I think my solution for his first issue listed still should fix the problem. I’m not updating yet so I can’t test it

I don’t get it? What’s wrong?

You have to look closely and read what he said carefully

This is made by IFCN, and I think it’s better than that

Can someone tell me what’s wrong with it…

Hope to improve coating

It looks fine to me, more details please

I can’t, lol