About Auto Brake which was implemented in version 22.2

Hello community! I wanted to ask a question of why the AUTO BRAKE does not have the RTO and also does not enter the MAX when we put it on? She goes to Med


image_15885 (Boeing)

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Hey there!

To answer your first question, this is what Cameron had to say on the subject under the 22.2 release thread:

As for why the Max setting cannot be activated in-flight, it’s because Max autobrake isn’t used for landing in real life. The braking force is immense and, to quote Cameron again, it’s the RTO equivalent on a Boeing - which you also don’t use during landing on Boeing aircraft.

Now, if you really want to use Max autobrake for landing, you can have the Systems tab open during landing and set autobrake to Max upon touchdown. It is really not needed, though, Medium autobrake + full reverse will slow you down just fine on short runways, such as the one at Gibraltar (LXGB).

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Watch the tutorial. MAX is the RTO setting and will also arm the speedbrakes.

MED and LOW are the only 2 that can be used for landing.

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Thanks Bro!

Thanks Bro

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