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Hi guys, I wanted to know if someone can explain to me how to create a tracking thread but without sending me the official thread on how to make one since I don’t understand almost anything, thanks.

The thread itself explains it pretty well. Basically the ATC thread is a place to inform users you will be open and that you want people to come to your airport and test your ability to control in preparation to IFATC. People come by and leave feedback on the thread. Whenever you open on your thread that will be on the #atc category you will have your title say Alberto_Lopez’s ATC Tracking thread - OPEN @ [insert airport here] and will change the title to CLOSED when you are done. When closed your title should say Alberto_Lopez’s ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED @ N/A. You will remain with the same topic throughout your tracking thread unless you are unable to edit it. You may announce on the thread to bump it that your open to get the attention of users. If you have any questions let me know.


Ok thank you, i I will try to make one

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Can you send me a link with the thread plis

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As @Asher said above. It really is the best way to get good pilots to attend your session. He sure helped me with mine.

It’s a thread for people who want to improve their atc skills or join IFATC
Title example would be

Username ATC tracking thread [ Closed ] @ N/A

Here is an example

Your name Tracking Thread [open/close] @XXXX

One sentence summary on your progression

pattern work: yes/no
charts (if needed):
special requests: (transitions etc)

Then say smt above appreciating feedback and thanking people for their time

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Thank you , i have already open my thread.

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