About ATC Category

The purpose of this category is to have a place for anything related to ATC. This includes recruitment and training to join IFATC (our expert server controllers), the ATC Schedule and ATC Tracking Threads.

Anything related to real-world ATC must be posted in the #real-world-aviation category instead. Make sure to head over to our User Guide and #ground-school category for more resources on how to control

Anyone can post in this category.

As well as our Guide to the Community, the following rules apply within this category when posting:

  • ATC Tracking Threads may be made by anyone actively pursuing IFATC membership, whether actively in training or not.
  • “[CLOSED]” must be added to the title of an ATC Tracking Thread when it is not active
  • Groups of pilots must not be tagged without their permission
  • Avoid making multiple posts per day if you are planning to open different airports throughout the day

If you are planning to open a frequency on the training server, it is recommended that you stay open for at least 30 minutes to allow time for traffic to build up

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