About ATC assigning too short runway / trolling

A ATC in expert server to land to land my 787-8 on KPAE runway 34R, and I have to abort

Who was the controller at the time? Did you ask for a runway change? Was it denied? Your post is very un helpful in correcting the situation.


787 variants are showing up as Cessna’s on the radar screen for iOS users, with aircraft unknown. That’s why you were sent to 34R the problem is being corrected.


Hi, I’m the controller. When I was controlling at KPAE several aircraft came up as Cessnas and they were really a jet. I only sent Dashes and Cessnas to that runway. What was your callsign?


I highly doubt that. It could be that he thought he was a cessna since the 787 comes up with unknown on IOS

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Oh ok I was just messing around lol

This is what it might have happen. It’ll be resolved as soon as IOS is out.

Not to mention SEA was extremely busy today when ATC was active. Great job to all the ATC at SEA for running things smoothly. -Emirates Cargo 67 Heavy

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