About APPR mode

After I set the NAV 1 RWY ILS and I’m in the final and turn on the APPR Mode but, it don’t lock on the GS. It’s normal ? Sometimes it’s happening w/ me.

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Are you saying that when you turn on APPR mode, after tuning in NAV1, it doesn’t control speed?

no, I said, It don’t lock on the Glide Slope, so the airplane don’t line up on the runway.

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When using ILS, you have to make sure you intercept at correct headings and altitudes in order for both LOC and GS to work. I recommend using IFATC.org to look up the proper altitudes to use for intercepting on the ILS. To intercept laterally, make sure you fly towards the cone with a 30* heading offset. Hope this helps!


Yes, I know this. I’m right in the altitude, speed and heading. Simply, don’t lock on the GS sometimes.

If the GS doesn’t lock in, that generally means the ILS system is not getting the correct information it needs (as a result of altitude not being correct).
Are you able to send me a replay from a situation where it didn’t work and the altitude was correct so I could help you dive further into why it may not be working?

My cellphone is at fixing store now, but when I get my cellphone, I will search the replay.

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Are you above the glide slope? Referenced from the picture, when the green dot aligns with your altitude, the glide slope should catch and begin to take you down.

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If you’re set on NAV1, turn in an angle not wider than 30 degree of the runway cone to both sides (rw color must be red), you set the right runway on NAV1 under RWY tab (tab aiport info) and you’re below the maximum G/S intercept (this depends on aiport altitude and intercept height… everything should work. Following these steps I’ll never miss the G/S or LOC. But I did sometimes as I was new to the game. And it was obviously my fault, not an issue of the game.

I also recommend to read this:

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Also check the Right height of the G/S intercept:

If you reach this point outside of the cone your plane should be around 3000ft. (Under the G/S intercept)

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Arming APPR tends to give you better LOC interception than just NAV1. Usually, the GS will lock on by itself after the LOC is caught.

Sometimes, APPR will hold you at a specific altitude, which makes sense because some ILS approaches have temporary altitude holds, such as KMYR’s ILS Runway 36.

Not necessarily. The LOC only provides laterally alignment. As I did show in the post above: if you’re not below the right height, the APPR won’t lead you all the way down. The G/S indicator green or pink diamond must be above the needle.

Yeah, I was about to say - if you are too high, you can adjust your V/S by yourself for it to catch; as sometimes it doesn’t even catch.

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