About an annoying troll


I was flying from TNCS to TFFJ by C172 to @MJP_27 Atc tracking thread. There are 4 GA aircrafts doing pattern work. Then 3 of big planes came from TNCM tried to land. Tower don’t accept them to come in. After one crash, they spawn in again, and distrusting our pattern work. They flew from anywhere what they want and didn’t follow instructions. Again and Again. Finally ATC went out and we stopped the practice.

It is so redicuious about it. Hope moderator can solve this serious problem.

why didn’t you fly to another airport? i know it was a pattern work

Hey there sorry to hear! Unfortunetly there is nothing they can do due to the fact that this sounds like its on training server!

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I don’t know him

As mentioned by Kevin, it’s most likely that there’s nothing that can be done about it as it sounds like it’s from the training server. Tough luck, I guess.


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, we do not moderate the training server. I know it can be annoying, but it’s important to assume good faith and keep in mind that everyone is learning. You can try moving over to another airport or take to the skies on expert. See you there!