About Airports Series: Should I or not?

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Today I bring you a topic about:
Should I Do an About Airports Series?

#1 - The FAQ

What will be included in this?

-Airlines that operate flights at the airport (Airlines displayed in terminals)

-The Airports History

-The newest recent inaugural routes

-Information About the Airport, including Runway Length, ICAO and IATA codes

-Pictures of the Airport

Why should you do this?

I think I should do this because it could help others which e.g. Don’t know which airlines operate in the given terminal.

Can we request for airports?

Yes, however, there is a maximum of 5 requested airports each day. I will gather every 5 airports and make a poll in who would like to see which airport. First airport to reach 10+ votes will be selected.

#2 - The Poll

  • I should do this.
  • I shouldn’t do this.
  • I’m not sure.
  • I will be alright with both.
  • Idk lmao

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@SpeedPlayz, for now I voted a no. The reason being is that there has been a “wave” of “Managing XXXX” airport posts that have been going around, and now closed by mods.

However, if you made it something that was unique, and could potentially be just in one thread and you continue it in that thread in the future, then in that case I think it could be interesting. I am always up for learning about new places and what they feature, but just needs to be in the right way!


I’d also say no, given that a simple Wikipedia search gives you all the information that you will supposedly be providing.


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