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Tomorrow there will be an update of the AIRAC, what does this mean? that some procedures in the airspaces will be updated, added and changed, there are also new fixes and frequency changes. In September, a big change was announced in the airspace in Mexico, which means that there will be new RNAV procedures to speed up the flow of traffic and decrease the workload of the controllers and pilots. The problem here is that since October 7 of this year I realized that new procedures were added in RKSI (GUKDO1E) (KARBU1E) (OLMEN1E). These new procedures are not yet in Infinite Flight and this takes almost 2 months. My question is when there is an update of the AIRAC in IF since it is assumed that every 28 days a new one comes out.


NAVBLUE data is kind of busted honestly from my experience, but since IF uses this service I’m not sure why it’s not updated every cycle. Sometimes stuff is missing or just not there. In my experience, at least in the airport editing team, we can ask Cameron to check on the data for us, so maybe if he sees this thread he can give some input from a staff perspective on why its not updated.

As for the frequency changes, that’s something we can have a look at with the airport editing team, do you have any information for which airports will be changing frequencies?

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I hope and we can obtain more information about this because NAVBLUE also participates in the renovation of the airspace of Mexico so it should be updated tomorrow


Current AIRAC Cycle number is number 2012, and you are right, we will get tomorrow number 2013. Answering your first question, new frequencies will be aded eventually, even though the date those changes will be in app is uncertain, as it is up to the discretion of an airport editor to edit the new frequencies for later on, be posted on one of our monthly Airport and Navigation updates.

Speaking of RNAV Procedures and Overlays, its up to the Discretion of NavBlue weather to implement them in this next Cycle or not. Going to to tag a sentence of the Website of NavBlue (Procedure Provider)

  1. A fully customised delivery
    “Complying with your requirements, including company route data and customer procedures, in ARINC 424 or FMS format.
    Updated at every AIRAC Cycle or based on your specific needs.”

Following this quote, maybe NavBlue updates the information complying with the published times, but the staff team may have requested to not implement it to the app every single Cycle. Maybe if you want further clarification you should contact Cameron as proposed above by @Aceorbit

Same goes above to the Procedures you listed above at Incheon Airport, they might take an uncertain time to update on the app

Hope it answered your question

I will try to contact Cameron to know more about this. Thank you!

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We don’t get monthly AIRAC updates from NAVBLUE so this won’t show in the next navigation update that we release, but we will make sure it’s in the sim at some point next year


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