About Abu Musa Island Airport (AEU/OIBA)

There are many islands in the Persian gulf as you know. One of those islands is “Abu Musa Island”. It’s an small island owned by Iran. In fact, Abu Musa Island is so small that the 9000ft long runway of Abu Musa Airport (Runway 08/26) crosses the island’s width. Yes, the Island is 9000ft wide! The airport covers approximately 1/5th of the island! And despite the 9000ft long runway, the parking place is no larger than the parking space at Gustaf III airport.
Here is Google Earth imagery of Abu Musa Airport:
Abu Musa isn’t regularly served by any operator. But unscheduled charters and private aircraft do operate to the airport.


What is the point of making an airport when nobody will land there… Looks like a deserted island

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Seems to be a nice airport, but do it really needs its own topic? :)

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It’s an informative topic. There are many of these topics about planes, airports and …

Say, there is some dispute between UAE and Iran over this island, am I right? Whose side is UN on?

Should I do a topic for each of the 43,982 airports?


Weird. Wikipedia says there are a bunch of disputes between UAE and Iran.

It’s wrong. Please continue in the PM I sent you.

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