About a potential G5CM

What’s the G5CM ?

The G5CM would be a Grade 5 Club Member, which would be a club on Slack or Discord for people who have or would have had Grade 5 in Infinite Flight.

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If yes, you prefer Discord or Slack ?

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@Laura have said to me to view with you if you would like to view that.

This G5CM wouldn’t be a VA/VO just a Club for people with grade 5

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This idea is not that bad tbh

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should this be in the #features

It’ll have to be moderated heavily. The mods already do enough here. It’ll take a lot to manage the slack and add people. There’s also cultural and language barriers so I do not see this happening or how it can be beneficial to user experience. If people want to interact with other IF members the forum is the place for that.


Sounds like a good idea, but you never know what weird stuff could go on. We need moderators for a reason you know 😉

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#features is only for feature requests in-game.


I’m in accord with you, it’s just an idea

Thanks for your feedback

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For the " apply " is a form of Airtable just show the Grade table

I review the thread tonight at 2300Z CET and I watch, Again it’s just an idea.

I totally understand the people who are against this idea but also those who are for it.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

Baptiste D.


Grade only tells so much…there are some crazy people with grade 5…just sayin’

Don’t like the idea, considering that it’s going to be very diluted.


I understand you

I like that idea, but it would likely have to be moderated by the team of infinite flight. He will probably want to bring this up to moderators before anything, and maybe they may come up with an idea sort of like the lounge, but for grade 5

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I like your idea about that, I hope one of the @moderators go reply about that

I would just like to point out that Slack has a minimum age requirement of 16…


I don’t see any real purpose in this “club”; grade means absolutely nothing to me, and there can be a veteran grade 5 and a troll/newbie grade 5.

Besides, this sounds like it’s forcing people to be “friends” with each other, I don’t believe everyone is willing to get along with each other.

If I had to be more honest, this is a waste of time.

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I also wanted to add that this “club” is an example of discrimination…grade 5 pilots aren’t more supreme than others…so a club is simply unjust.


After review your feedback I’ve decided to delete this idea Sorry for the inconvenience many of you didn’t really understand why I wanted to do this but it doesn’t matter I wish you all a good day/evening/night.

I call myself and many others a OG aswell, with maniy thousand flighthours and milions of xp… but stuck at G4 because I am not able to keep the landing requirement in 90Days…

overall, I kinda like this Idea, but it should not be a Grade club…

on the other hand, as mentioned allready, its a huge moderation act… as said before, grade does not mean much sometimes… there are other factors what makes a good Pilot in IF…

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