About 77W motor design

Good morning to IFC. In the last video that Infinite Flight released, I have noticed a little common in the design of the engines, as you know the engines of the B77W are completely different from the other variants like the B772, I would like to notice the difference between this and the one in real life.

(Google photo) Credits to its author. This is a real photo of the Emirates Aeroliena, notice here the curving design on the surface of the engine

This is from Infinite Flight

This is United

This Infinite Flight

I await your comments and opinions. Regards. :)


Hmmmmm. Maybe something to do with the angle?


I definitely agree with you here Charlie, these engines do look smaller compared to a real GE90. We can especially see it in the first picture of comparison. The engines look really small when they’re supposed to be huge.

Hopefully the developers will do their thing and tweak the engines a bit. They’re really good at listening to feedback (A350 engines were changed, B772 windscreen was changed). So all we can do is trust that the developers can change it! :D


Let’s hope so, since it looked like in real life it would be a more extraordinary experience with the arrival of the blocked camera

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Hey Charlie! This is known and I think developers, and I’m pretty sure developers will fix that 🙂

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I slightly notice it but it would be more convenient if you took a similarly angled photo with the same livery so the details would be more pronounced.

maybe at this angle it looks better for the difference


@Cameron_Stone talked about this in the 20.2 Tracking Thread, you can read his reply here:

I have been told that the 3D artists for IF have been notified about it. Hopefully we’ll see some change.


Andrew is secretly a dev. 🤫


I guess you’ll never know 😏.

For real though, one of the staff messaged me about it (as I posted something similar).


We hope so. 😊

I think the engine looks small/ weird because the wing is so much thicker than in real life, this really affects the perspective, so that’s my theory

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You’re right, both the B772 and B77W are the same, and in my opinion the engines are the same, there is no difference

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I still do not see changes in the design, I think we were not read.


Yeesh, hold your horses! It’s still beta, things will be adjusted and changed as the update nears release. Just because it wasn’t addressed yet doesn’t mean they haven’t listened to you. Be patient, I understand it’s exciting, but don’t be so tense about it. Relax, the devs are working their hardest to make the aircraft as best as it can be.

I don’t really know about progress on the engines, if there’s any progress… Besides, I can’t even tell whether or not that’s a 77W or 772.

Like @Thunderbolt said, hold your horses. Everything will come as it should be all in good time.

We hope so!❤❤

I’m reading this… and looking at the pictures and i honestly don’t see where the issue is?
This needs to be elaborated much, much more…
I don’t even know what to look for in terms of what we have logged as known issues.


Unfortunately, I haven’t found the context to provide you Seb but I assume it’s the shape of the engines and pylon given the comparisons.

Infinite Flight’s 77W engines seem to be lacking the curvature of the engines IRL. Same goes for the pylons holding the engines.

Just me though so I could be wrong.

It’s the angle, whatever you are seeing. It’s like for like in actuality.

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