[About 2 months to go!] to go Going to Poznań from London

Hello there! You might be wondering what this topic is about well it’s my summer holiday plan thing. You can discuss all sorts if things here about my holiday question and etc. But I mainly made this fir ideas in we’re to go and what I should do there! So if you don’t know Poznan is a city in Poland and I will be flying from London STN (yes I am taking Ryanair) and I will be going in the 16th of July and i will be there for the summer! I know I can google this up but I want to as the IFC for more info.

Why am I going well my mum (mom for Americans) is Polish so I’m going visit family.

Places I want to visit Gear up simulator (complete Boeing 737-800 sim)
Model aircraft store
Spotting hill

That’s all I can think of but I want to ask the community for more advice about we’re i shall visit.

Boeing 737-800
Airline: Ryanair
Flight number: FR2336

Expect a tripreport from my YouTube!

Let’s thing tell me places I can visit at STN during the wait time please note my flight departs at 11:20 BST so I will be there for 3hours.
Regards Goran. K


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