Aborting takeoff after v1 (TEST) (VIDEO)

so for fun, I went on solo mode and experimented with an A320 and KLAX with different weights, the goal of these trials was to abort takeoff after v1 (something that is known that you should never do) and survive, I kept the plane and the runway the same, the only variable was the weight. I recorded the video and I am going to edit it, hopefully, you guys want to see the results as this was pretty fun to try out and see if I could make it, don’t worry this was on solo so I wasn’t disturbing anybody :)

The video will be put either on this thread or on best infinite flight videos depending on what you guys want

Before I release it however, please post your guesses on how the trials turned out and it will be revealed shortly (I don’t take that long to edit ;))

Note I will also be replying with updates on the videos progress


Total trials 3: one with light weight
one with more medium weight
and one with max weight

I have to stop on the runway to complete the trial
(thats pretty much it unless I do it in such a way that it would be a crash)

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Not to burst your bubble but V1 is an accurate calculation in real life. Unless you have a V1 calculator that takes in weight, wind and aircraft factor, then I don’t see how you could’ve accurately re-created the V1 speed and tried to abort it.

(If you do have a V1 calculator please link me. =) )


I used a V speed spreadsheet, of course the speeds I was doing weren’t spot on, but they were the speeds were I would usually rotate, which would already be after V1. This was more for fun then anything really.


By the way I am almost done with the video just gotta edit trial 3, add some music and then it’s ready :)

Editing is mostly done just gotta add in some good, fitting music and it will be done

rendering I will make the thumbnail while I wait

Uploading the video now, almost there!

Video is out, check the thread above

Really funny and somewhat educational in a sense. (Better than watching a Swiss001 video)


Would you mind linking us the V spreadsheet you used?

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Toper, Its an accurate Vspeed calculator for the 737 and 777 family, but its pay ware

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nMXeMRAsibFpBuNgY4f_oy_Ux0ezdfnaynILIbVpL80/edit#gid=1287658801 here you go, I know I’m using an a320 and this is a 737 spreadsheet but they are mostly the same as I rotate them at the same speeds pretty much

By somewhat educational I hope you don’t mean your gonna go out in real life trying to abort takeoff after v1.
XD thank you for the kind words

Trust me, I would never do that.


Entertaining but can’t agree with educational. There are so many factors when it comes to calculating V speeds, this was just pure entertainment and not realistic.

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Educational in a sense of what not to do. If that wasn’t clear.

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