“Aborting take off”. by pilot ( command)

Whats your idea about aborting a take off after the roll, and let the tower know it by a command !?

You can vote for a Features topic regarding the same thing here:

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Out of curiosity what would be the use case for an aborted takeoff in IF? There are no mechanical issues, I guess some people get hyper about realism and exact separation requirements but there are also no collisions so all of that is kind of relative anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I can think of one!

This only happened to me once.
I was certain that I had also started the #1 engine, but the device hadn’t registered my tapping the button.
So I started the takeoff roll and noticed I wasn’t gaining enough speed.
By then it was too late.
It wasn’t on Expert, but if it had been, “Aborting takeoff” would have helped.

There might be some other (device related) situations in which this might come in handy as well.


I can definitely agree with Jan, there would be uses.

I’ve had (because I’m a buffoon) occasions where I’ve forgotten to fuel up correctly and only noticed as I’m taking off, it would have been very useful in that situation so ATC was aware of my intentions.

I suspect it would need to be moderated in some way to stop it being open to everyone, similar to the low fuel emergency.


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