Aborted Takeoffs

Hello, Would aborting a takeoff result In ghosting And ATC reports??? I’ve heard some people got ghosted for aborting their takeoffs.
Sometimes I need to, but I’m worried If that I’ll get a report.

You shouldn’t get reported, but there’s really no reason why you’d need to abort a takeoff:) But i am pretty sure you’d exit the runway. And the request a frequency change


This being said if the airport is busy it could result in a go around, and so doing an aborted takeoff should only happen when actually necessary, and you shouldn’t be doing them if you can avoid it, and especially not just to practice them.

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Happy to hear that! I once started my takeoff, Just before rolling, I realized I did not put enough fuel for my flight, but I took off anyways cuz I did not want to abort It and get a report.

If that happens again I’ll abort my takeoff. Do you think I’d get a report for doing It?

Makes sense! :) Thanks a lot for your help.

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Just try not to do it all the time. It can really mess things up so make sure that you’re all prepared for your flight, your flight plan is how you want it, etc.

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The only reason would be in someone crosses the runway and it does happen occasionally.

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Sure thing! Thanks! :)

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But what If we had to?

I hope that they would add more ATC commands, specially about takeoff abortions.

You shouldn’t get ghosted, there’s no valid reason to ghost you. It would be like ghosting someone for going around. It doesn’t make any sense. (At least I wouldn’t but I may not be totally correct. It also depends on the situation)

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I doubt that will happen. We’ll end up having everyone rejecting takeoff just to simulate an emergency. (e.g engine failure)

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Happy to hear that. TakeOff Abortions happen, and the commands should be added. 🙏

You are free to abort a takeoff for whatever reason you wish. But if its evident that you’re doing it over and over and over again, and gives the controller the impression you’re trolling, then you’re subject to ghosting. But if its for traffic interfering with your departure or whatever, then you shouldn’t be ghosted.


Thanks man!🙏

Well explained! Thanks a lot.🙏

Do you think a feature would ever be added to inform atc that you aborted takeoff?

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Just yesterday I started my takeoff roll and realised I didn’t turn on my 2nd engine 😂 I didn’t abort though i ended my flight cause I was afraid of getting ghosted 😂… but yea aborting takeoffs is similar to going around I guess


I would LOVE that. 😃

It’s not needed. We’re extremely aware of landing/departing aircraft so we would give you an exit runway command.

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