Aborted Takeoff

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I would just like to know if aborted takeoffs are allowed by IFATC? An example is if I’m powering down the runway and I am close to V1 speed, when I realize I do not have enough runway to rotate? Would I get in trouble and potentially be ghosted for this?


If you did need to abort a takeoff, although very rare in IF, then don’t worry IFATC won’t ghost you. Once it’s clear you are aborting we would issue an exit runway command, switch to ground and it’s up to you what you do from there.

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No, i don’t thing you will get ghosted. I once did it during the FNF in KJFK and i had no problems

Alrighty thanks all!

In addition to what Matt said, just tune into ground frequency and request taxi to the runway again. If you want to park again just request taxi to parking.

After coming across this, just wondering if a “aborting takeoff” option would actually be handy to have as a pilot just for the sake of realism. Then again I probably bet it could be misused.

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I just simulated an aborted takeoff at NZAA (Don’t worry, I made sure I was not holding anyone up)
The ATC said to me ‘CALLSIGN, State Intentions’. I simply exited the runway as fast as possible, and then asked for a frequency change, once on ground, I was told (without any provocation) to taxi to parking, along with a taxi to runway, which I assume meant he knew I aborted the takeoff. Impressed. But yes, that would be a good idea.

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