Aborted takeoff confusion

Hi everyone!

Recently I reached grade 3 and therefore obviously can fly in an expert server. I was cleared for takeoff by ATC, but another plane pulled out to attempt an intersection departure. I aborted my takeoff and pulled into a taxiway just in time.

However, ATC gave me a ghosting warning for my actions. Was I wrong? Should I have just taken off when there was another plane on the runway? The expert server is the most realistic, so I assumed that pilots should behave in a realistic way.

Anyway, I then proceeded to contact ground for another taxi clearance back to the start of the runway and then received an “already cleared for taxi” message from ATC.

if there are any expert server ATC controllers who can tell me if this is normal ATC behaviour or let me know if I’m taking the expert server way too seriously (which I doubt I am) that would be much appreciated.



Hi, which airport were you at and what time did this occur?


no clue on the time but I think it was KLAX or KJFK

It happened maybe 2-3 days ago

If it was a couple days ago, it probably happened at KJFK. KLAX is scheduled for this Sunday on the expert ATC schedule.

Best always to take a screenshot when you are in a confusing situation like that. Based on what you described your actions were absolutely correct.

And @naro - he didn’t get ghosted.


Can you check the flight log and get us the time of your flight?

Ok, thanks. I thought I was in the right

  • I’ll make sure to take a screenshot next time

Definitely take a screenshot, but there’s no reason you can’t abort a takeoff, especially when you should abort. I would hope you’d never be ghosted for a proper decision, but a screenshot should clear it up right away

I have found a flight from KJFK on the 13th which it may be, I can’t tell if it is an expert server. - Also no time is given.

Thank you - it was my first expert flight so I was focusing on not making stupid mistakes. At least I know for next time :)

Thanks everyone for clearing this up. It is greatly valued :)

If this were to happen should we ask to go back to ground and ask for taxi again?

The controller should (…should) notice what’s happening, tell you to exit the runway as you would after landing and contact ground.

If they don’t for some reason, then yes, request freq change, go to ground, request taxi back to the runway. Don’t just taxi back on tower.

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Are you sure you were cleared for takeoff or did you get instructed to line up and wait. I have seen pilots making this mistake.

The abort was correct, as mentioned. Why did you exit? Was there not enough room anymore to do a takeoff from where you had stopped?

Perhaps it would have been better to wait for an exit runway instruction.

Yes, screenshot. Also, avoid waiting too long g with your query.

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