Abort Takeoff ATC Command

I have been in several situations where a takeoff had to be aborted on infinite flight live, for various reasons e.g. Another plane decides/was instructed to turn onto the runway in front of you when you’re trying to take off. And there is no option (that I could find) to alert the tower that you had to abort take off. I think this would be a good feature.


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I had to reject takeoff on live on the Adcanced server, and I’m 95% sure that I was about to be ghosted


You shouldn’t be ghosted for that. You know what to do if you do.

You guys shouldn’t be thinking that advanced server ATCs are better or have more authority than you. Yes, they’re telling you what to do so you don’t crash into someone else, but in the end, you’re in charge of the plane.

The only thing you shouldn’t be doing is faking an emergency like an engine blowout or something…


We won’t ghost you for that.

Once I had a guy, I cleared him for takeoff but suddenly reverse thrust and brakes when halfway on the runway, when off the runway he changed his callsign to “Rwy2Short”. To be honest I think that is quite fun and innovative.


Great! There was another plane on final (he had to go around) but the ATC symbol went grey and I couldn’t see any other planes for a while

i suggest PILOT send to ATC ==> aborting take off, “exiting the runway” or “wait for instructions”


I would really like this command


Happened to me! Received my first violation today at London City:(

I aborted takeoff earlier today, got a message and had to be gone for two or three minutes. I didn’t want my plane to crash while I wasn’t at my phone so a aborted. Then I taxied back to the runway

Controller should not guess our intentions, we need this command. We need to tell controller that we are not taking off and wait for an exit instructions.


if on lets say ATC PG, if the atc is smart enough (Which They Aren’t) if the see your speed decrease, and you say “Stand By”, i think that should be enough to indicate a rejected takeoff.


If we’re gonna have this command, then we’re also gonna need V1.


I wouldn’t see much use for it on the ATC side, but from the pilots side it would be used occasionally to let ATC know they have aborted their takeoff. I’ve been an advanced controller since September of last year (when this topic was created) and I’ve only had maybe 1 or 2 aircraft abort their takeoff while I was on duty in my entire ATC life. Not something that happens very often. This feature would be good and would also add realism for the occasional and limited times it’s needed though.

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I completely agree. We should have a a outing takeoff button. It’s would be great.

yup and a V1 indicator too

We neeeeeed this. On the expert server currently i think people would just take off in a situation where a take off should be aborted for free of being ghosted.

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Works before V1. RTO after V1, you kiss terrain


We already sort of have this in the form of ‘cancel takeoff clearance, hold position’.

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