Abnormal replay bug

After finishing my long-haul flight from NZAA to WMKK today, I went to my logbook to watch the replay. However, as the replay popped up, instead of the replay progress bar going from left to right as usual (Refer to Image 1), the progress bar started from the right instead (Refer to Image 2) and since it was at “full bar”, I couldn’t move the progress bar, nor could I rewind and fast-forward it. I’ve tried closing and re-opening the app but the results still show the same.

Has anyone ever had this issue before?

Image 1:

Image 2:

(I use an iPhone 13, with iOS 16.0.3 as the operating system, in case if that info helps).

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Sometimes if you are on unstable internet the replay will get corrupted and bugs can form. If its not that then it’s probably a rare app bug. You can try delaying IF and reinstalling but it doesn’t seem worth it if your other replays are working.

I think its likely the “rare bug”, bc I saw this in the ATC messages in the replay, or at least what I could salvage, and no way would my Internet be out for THAT long:

But thanks for the suggestion.

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Interesting, I have never seen those before in The audit before, I think it’s probably a bug.

Also I don’t think any flight is 6,000,000,000 seconds long 🤣

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This is a known issue where the replay file gets corrupted somehow.
It’s being investigated.