Able to see which area you must control as center (for global flight)

If I play center I do that for the whole region, but if global flight comes it would be Nice to see wich region you must control. Like this:

And if someone leave Your airspace you should say “N1DS32 you are leaving my airspace freq change approved” "You are leaving my airspace, frequency change approved"

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  • nah don’t like it

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Dylan S


Maybe, but there wouldn’t be much to do because people will be flying all over the world in the next update :-)

??? I don’t understand it.

All planes that are flying over the world must contact center.

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Yes, but if you are controlling a tiny region there wouldn’t be much to do (unless you are talking about something I don’t understand)

Yes, but that Pic above all these area are controlled by one center and maybe there Will fly about 1000 ot more ppl later on IF

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There are also much Large areas I think maybe @Aernout knows

if this comes in IF😍

This would be fantastic! Not only for center but other approach and departure frequencies.

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