Able to See Controllers Name on the Title Screen

I haven’t found any topic similar to this. Anyway, it would be cool to see the display name of the controller who’s controlling at that airport (example - IFATC Tecnam2TA, or on PG, PlanesForLife) on the home screen. You would just click on the icon, and then it would show you the information, such as, display name, time controlling, ops, etc. Like if you agree, and take the poll below.


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I think it would become way to crowded! I like it simple!


No, just click on it! The one you click on will show information!

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Lol, @Bacon-One, you like to post, but say it’s a bad idea …

I will support your idea due to the fact that you mentioned me. :)
Great concept. Before I fly, I check the ATC menu for expert. I can only do that because I am in IFATC. For users that aren’t, they can’t tell who is controlling (or how long they’ve been online) until they are loaded in the sim. This would be a nice new feature.

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Yep, you were also included in the App Store IF Photo Previews!

I know. I’m still celebrating. Haha.

Yes, that is correct.
While you made a fine proposal, I don’t fancy the idea. :)


They used to have it.

Yeah, I want them to bring it back, and implement it on here!

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@Tecnam2TA leave @Bacon-One alone. he is allowed to express his opinion and if he votes bad idea then accept it.

I overlooked the “like if you agree” portion.
That is why I received the subtle badgering. ;)


I’d work best like 3D Touch on the iPhone. 3D Touch on it to pop up the airport information. Long press for every other device. I’d be cool to see 3D Touch implemented into IF as well!

Not everybody has an iPhone 6S you know. A simple tap would be just fine!

6s* And yes, that’s why a long press would work great as well for other devices. A simple press could be an issue when it comes to it, as it maybe become annoying with accidental presses

Then double tap it …

Could be anything. Double/Triple Tap, Long Press, swipe.