Able to pause your sub for specific amount of time

So lets say you bought your sub a week ago and suddenly you hear that your internet doesn’t work anymore. You cant play Infinite Flight for several days. I encountered this several times and lost a week. So my proposal is: The devs could at a way to pause your sub for 5 days (could be more or less).
To avoid unnecassery use of the feature: You only can use it every 6 months or so.
Do you think this is useful?

My question is.

Would you be able to fly while it’s on pause?

This is a good Idea only, people would probably pause their subscriptions right after a flight then restart it before a flight.


Maybe offline only. Why fly when it’s on pause, when the whole point of this topic is to pause because you can’t fly at all

I can almost smell the abuse of this feature. It’s not FDS’s problem that you can’t fly for whatever reason, so it’s not their job to make up for lost time.


If you’re able to do this only once every 6 months, then I really like this. Since you need internet to fly on Global, and I won’t have access for 3 weeks later this year, this would be extremely neat. A six-month limit (for how often you could do it, and maybe a time limit of say a month or two) would prevent abuse in most cases.

Edit: this would also be nice to those Grade 4s and especially 5s so they don’t fall behind on landings


No this is not the purpose of a subscription…

@Liam_Kirk @Wattsup_jet @Ksisky if you pause your sub you dont have acces to live for certain amount of time till the pausetime is ended

Yes, this is happening to me. You could just contact a developer and kindly ask them to extend it :)

Literally EVERYONE would do that.

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But if you do that, you aren’t able to do that for 6 months.

6 month is way to much. Lets suppose I go to vacation for 1 month. After the long vacation I would have to wait still almost half a year

I think it could be a good idea but they have to look carefully to avoid abuse. And yes I think 6 months is too long.

I’d just pause it on the days I don’t fly.

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They could then make it an avoidance like: If you pause it, you have to have it paused for more than a week. A bit the the emergency fuel avoidance system

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Totally agree otherwise people will just pause it all the time and the amount they pay only depends on how many hours they fly.
Wait that could actually be good that it depends how long you play!🤔 they could do it so that the more you play the less you pay per hour…

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But then again, in the end of the day, work is all about getting money and making profit… This is the complete opposite

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Yes the devs will do whatever brings the customer without having too much cost.
But then again what I said above could be good and get people thinking about doing shorter but more interesting flights than putting autopilot for 24 hours every day. Wich is good because they won’t get 10k xp for autopilot…

I could see this being a useful feature.

For someone like me, I only fly on the weekends because that’s the only time I have time. So for me its about 20 Days of wasted subscription.

don’t tell me it’s my decision to buy PRO and it’s my fault & decision

I will vote of this feature once I find it to be “stable”

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I very nearly gave it a vote just for the drawing…

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