Able to Dial in Frequencies

It would make this game look very realistic if we could dial in frequencies. For example: N0Z0Z, contact Los Angeles Unicom on 119.55. Then, we could dial, 119.55 in to the radio.

  • Yes, I think this is a good feature request
  • Maybe, I think this could be a possibility
  • No, I don’t think this is a good feature request

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If there’s two types for different type of aircraft… Some have the dials while some have the buttons, right? :P

Yes, but same concept!

And then people will change frequency so slowly hahahaha


Yes, maybe his should apply for the advanced server only … maybe the nimrods won’t know what 119.55 means … (No offense to people who are not nimrods, but don’t know what those are)


But, maybe they want to switch manually … Then, they would look at the map, see the frequency, then dial it in!

Hahaha I’m all for Advanced for this feature… We need a 121.5 as well! :P


Haha! Also a 123.45!

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Lol tons of frequencies out there… then we could have frequencies for ILS, too! :D

Yes, and, when global flight comes, the “ocean” frequencies!

And that will be the next SoCal lol imagine how many people will fly through there in an hour! xD

Yeah, it would be so busy!

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This would cause a mess on advanced lol

On the current Advanced yes but if people start to treat it seriously again, I don’t see why not? :D


Lol we need 121.5 as a freq. Wait…Everyone would be on it

Not everyone LOL just don’t make it the default frequency :P

Do you know what 121.5 is?

Yes, Emergency or Guard :)

Aye. Good Job. Not a lot of people know…Or should I say not a lot of real life pilots know that

Nah, they dread that frequency lol