Able to choose airport codes displaying on the map (IATA or ICAO)

It would be great if you can select how the airports names are showing on the map.
Be able to select IATA 3 letters GVA, or ICAO 4 letters LSGG ).

It will be useful for people who doesn’t know the IATA code of an airport.


In Real World navigation the use the ICAO, sk they should do so in IF as well.


Yeh its a good idea

yes i understand, but i submit it because the goal is only to give an easy way to find an airport if the user are unable to find the airport because he doesn’t know the IATA code)

ICAO codes make more sense.

Also it takes 20 seconds to google the ICAO to find out which airport it is.

Also, there are a lot of airports in the world that don’t have IATA codes. What would happen with this?


Then he could take 5 seconds out of his life and look up LSGG on Google.

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Im guessing you mean ICAO here or this does not make sense.

Maybe use the name of the city in which the airport is found or serves. For example one may search Paris and find LFPG (Paris De Gaulle), LFPO(Paris Orly), LFPB( Paris Le Bourget)