Abingdon Fly in & Airshow! @EGUD - 260930ZMAY19

SERVER: Casual
DATE: 26TH May 2019
START: 1100Z
PLACE : RAF Abingdon (EGUD)


Welcome to the annual Abingdon fly in and Airshow!

This event is a combination of a fly in on the morning followed by the Airshow in the afternoon. The day is then complete by a mass flyout of all static and flying participants.

Fly In start: 1100Z
Airshow start: 1500Z
Mass Fly out: 2015Z

Both spectators and flying participants can use any aircraft, however if you are using large aircraft please fly them in first and not just spawn in at the airfield.

During the fly in in the morning, please land and taxi to a safe viewing spot, parking on the grass within the green box is permitted in GA aircraft as well as Spitfires, P38, Q400 and C130 aircraft. RWY 07/25 WILL NOT be in use and the section of that runway inside the green box will be used to park larger aircraft in attendance.


To add a little bit of fun, during the fly in in the morning, all participants, both spectating and performing, will be allowed to do a run and break to land should they wish too. The rules for this pass are as follows:

No lower than 500ft AGL
No faster than 210kts

Please behave in a safe and responsible manner!

The Flying display timetable:

1500Z: Spitfire (@Elliott)
1515Z: F22 OR TBM,930 ( @IFliPlanes )
1530Z: RAF C130J (Morgan99)
1700Z: C130H (@Jonathan_Tweedy)
1830Z: F16 Viper Demo (Morgan99)
1930Z: F16 Demo Display (@DeltaMD88Fan)

Show finish and then the fly out starts at 2015Z.

There will be a discord server coming soon too, with an ATC channel on there to control traffic during the day. All participants performing at the Airshow are required to have access to discord to perform.

Spectators flying in and then out later on ARE ENCOURAGED to use discord, for the ATC services, as this will help make the day run smoother. You will not have to use it during the Airshow, just the fly in and fly out.

All participants note:
On use of discord, you DO NOT have to have use of a headset/microphone, as I myself wonโ€™t be using one.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you have read through it all to completely undersood this day

Hope to see you there!



Lmao I was going to fly like 2ft above the ground

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I would like the 12:30 slot

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Roger that!

What aircraft would you like to fly?

Pssst by the way, that height rule is only for the fly in before the airshow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No limit for the airshow ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

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Ok shhh nobody will know ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Iโ€™ll be in the Spitfire

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Sounds good, see you there!

IFCAS Viper Demo Team, Raptor Demo Team and two more displays have arrived and are ready for the show!


Sweet! Canโ€™t wait to see you guys perform!

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May i perform at 13:45 in my C-130H?

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I would like a slot for my tbm930 demo team at 1545z

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The display times have changed, if you are still ok to make it, please choose any available slot and Iโ€™ll reserve it for you.

@Elliott obviously the times are different but if you still want to open the show, Iโ€™ve kept you on the schedule, unless you canโ€™t do that time now.

The reason I have done this is to accommodate our friends over in America!

I live 10 miles away from Abingdon, So iโ€™m attending!
I will take 1515Z With a F-22/or TBM930

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Yep sure can, Iโ€™ll put you down now!

See you there!

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Iโ€™ll do the Viper Demo at 19:30.

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sooo iโ€™ll just take any slot but i would like it to be after a few performances

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1700Z is that ok? The slots will have been filled by show day, so you will have a fair few displays beforehand.


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