Ability to view “pro” replays

When a flight is conducted using a “pro” aircraft, or outside of the defined regions, that flights replay becomes inexcesible once your pro subscription runs out. I would like this changed. Mainly because if you share that same replay with a friend who doesn’t have “pro” they can still view it, so you can’t view you’re own replay under the same conditions as someone else? This is borderline ridiculous to me. Not much to this, just a simple game mechanic I would like changed, thanks for reading! 👋🏻

As much as I see your point, the whole point of IF is to explore, how can you explore the world without a subscription and multiplayer without having to pay? Not exactly fair on the IF Devs. 🤷‍♂️

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I mean I already did the flight? Why can’t I view it? Someone else can eaven if they don’t have IF pro…


Yes I agree!

I find it ridiculous that you can’t even replay your own Pro flight without Pro! I’ll see if I can drop a vote for this.


Thank you very much, much appreciated!


However, I feel that even during a replay, the scenery and aircraft have to be loaded.

But I’m not sure


I mean I actually already have the aircraft downloaded, and as for the scenery I again point to the fact that I’ve shared replays with people who don’t have pro…


Oh, I didn’t read that. Sorry. You have my full support!


Ya, no problem, I was just clarifying who I felt that shouted a problem… 😁


I understand your point… The whole point of a subscription is to provide the devs with enough money to provide the equipment, time and real world events… What’s the point of buying a subscription when you can just bypass it by watching others replays? 🤦‍♂️

Either way, you can already view your replays with the unlocked maps, and ALL AIRCRAFT if it was in multiplayer…

No doubt here, I don’t see a point to this… I’m sure if the mods or staff gets here they’ll either put a what the unspecified gender figure said (Welcome to 2019, people…) picture, or just agree with one part, and disagree with another…😆

I bet you if we didnt have subscriptions the XCub wouldn’t be here, neither would IF at Oshkosh, the A320 Live cockpits… (maybe the live cockpits actually), and 100% not the global scenery update.

Because the point of pro is for you to play, not to watch others play. @Ecoops123

We want to be able to view our flights in New York with an A330 etc, not just be able to view a limited number of aircraft in a limited number of airspace’s.


Well first off, you’ve already got the aircraft downloaded.

No this is not bypassing the pro sub. It doesn’t even Involve the sub. KPIT and Bravo’s saying they want to view replays with aircraft apart of pro, even though they don’t have pro.

They just want to see the aircraft, not fly with it.


Simple solution;) Buy a subscription and bam all the problems go away

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Yes, that is correct ;)

I might not have the money though?
I wouldn’t want to buy another sub just to look at my replays.

(I do, just an example)

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Would you rather, spend 17 hours flying on a device you’d rather use to do something, text your best ‘mate’, or be on the IFC, along with sleeping through most of it so you’ll miss the scenery and watch it in the replay later, but, oh… I’ve already seen parts of this, it’s not a big deal anymore…


Spend about 10 minutes speeding through a flight replay, you get to see all the airports across the route, and the worldwide scenery, and the landing… all you need to see is there… And done, with 16 hours and 10 minutes to spare.


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I can always use another device 🤷‍♂️

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I can’t 😂, only a tablet, which isn’t enough when you’re planning for VA’s…

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I think that this is a rather easy feature to implement. Since I’ve actually done the flight, and it’s saved, why can’t we be able to look at our replays? What’s stopping us?


Problem: No-Pros want replays
Solution: … Genius …

@Alphadog4646 Or download a friends… It’s just one way to avoid a subscription and watch the aircraft and scenery you want to see…

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