Ability To View Airport Class and Spawn Points From Airport Selection Menu

I’ve found it a rather tedious process to locate edited airports that are classed as Charlies or Deltas. To locate an airport with these specifications, currently, a user must enter a flight to find the airspace, then exit and enter the airport spawn menu to view the number of spawn points to ensure it is edited.

There should be a way to determine the airport information directly from the airport selection menu, in pilot mode, and especially in ATC mode. Maybe even a filter could be in place for airport class, runway length, edited, etc.

When a new controller joins IFATC, they are restricted to controlling class Charlies. Locating an ample one does take quite a bit of time, so with this feature, it would make the process much more efficient. Charlies are also often left empty by the “TS noobs”, making them great places to train for ATC.

So something like this? :)

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Yep, I contacted Chris and he said I could make a new request with the bit about it being edited :)

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Got one for the edited part too, lol.

Glad you are resurrecting this overall topic thou. Much needed.

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That was from December though. I felt it needed to be resurrected after spending a half hour looking for a Charlie in the Middle East yesterday 😂


Wouldn’t that require all the airspace classes to be real world correct in IF?