Ability to turn off the replay button in solo

Okay so I have been playing Infinite-Flight for a significant amount of time. I love flying on solo while using an accompanying app called infinite passengers I fly on solo mode. I made a 62 min flight and i was changing over to systems to prepare for landing when the replay button was accidentally pressed while swiping to HUD. After some research into how many flights the replay button has ruined atleast 45minute + flights. Having this ability would be great for continue practice/experience while also not having the replay button unless you pause would be great too. Thank you for your time and if anyone has any more questions about this please ask.

Just don’t press the replay button?

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Not to mention when you have autopilot on then replay, it totally messes up. Ruing 5 flights for me. SMH


Sounds like a personal problem. Sorry but not needed.


Honestly, it doesn’t seem to be an urgent candidate to be changed.


Just drag the replay slider as far as possible to the right then hit the “Live” button to resume your flight as normal.


This isn’t really a relevant/needed feature.

Sounds like a personal problem SAUCE BOSS. BLOG IT.

afp95 reference


This is just to be more practical with infinite flight. I dont see a way to use a stylus while playing or using another option. I am on an iphone 6 (I know its not the smallest) but it’s still to the point to where my thumbs take up about two status bar notifications/displays. I know this not be a problem to some but the second you hit that replay you hit zero G on any infinite flight conntect app. Let alone when you resume AP has a seizure with in-flight controls, i’m not complaining about the design I would just like to see an option to turn it off and use it from the pause menu could be a viable option.
To the people referring to Airforceproud95 telling me basically to go shove it, then click off the topic, your regards are not relevant to this matter. Stay on topic please.

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Just don’t press the replay button? I guess? Just be careful and this won’t happen!

Not trying to call anyone out here, but these all have something in common. Mercy me people.


I can vouch for this. It actually happens very frequently. Maybe you guys should try a few solo flights for yourselves.

However, I’d want it maybe to be moved instead of having the ability to turn it off.


The replay button deleted 45 minutes of flights for the sake of device memory (RAM). Anyways, I think this could be just 1 hour of coding for something that could be used on the DC-10 or MD-11 or any other project. I use the iPad 2017 so I am not affected, but if you use a Smartphone, or the iPod, I guess it will help.

I definitely want this added! For those who want to say, yes, I did vote specially on my iPhone 6 with the small display I nearly always hit it by accident when trying to go to the map.

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Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t understand the problem. If you accidentally press the replay button, just exit the replay and that’s it, right?

It’s just that generally in older smartphones in solo it has a problem of completely srewing your flight (if A/P is on) when you simply press the exit button.

Yeah, it turns off, I know that. I just can’t see how that could mess up your flight. Just turn it back on.

When you have AP on and press replay, then go back to your Live flight, the Autopilot makes your plane either do a dive, or it puts you into a stall angle.

It’s either that problem be fixed, or the replay button be moved / turned off.

Moving it sounds like a simple fix

But… I assume everyone who flies a plane knows how to recover from a stall angle or a dive in less than 5 seconds.
I do get where you are coming from, but fixing this is so irrelevant and could be so easily prevented that it isn’t worth voting for.