Ability to turn off cabin lights

In real life, Airliners turn off cabin lights for takeoff and landing at night so your eyes adjusted to the dark if the something happened to the plane and everyone had to get off. I thought it would add more realism to IF if you can turn cabin lights on and off.


Well I mean you can’t really see inside the cabin. I would suggest it only if we were able to walk around but it would add more realism I agree and it would be a nice feature


Best idea ever is so needed

I honestly thought with the A320 it would work like this as soon as cabin lights were confirmed, obviously not. I definitely support this and perhaps I will start flying at night

  • Yes, its a great idea for in the future
  • No, not even a good idea

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Yeah, it’s very interesting!

Could be in the same section as the Seat Belt and No Smoking signs. Nice idea!


Would be a very realistic feature.

We like the idea of this! It would be sooo cool to have personally! 😄

With choosing your own daylight time gone in Global, they would’ve had to program a certain time for the cabin lights to activate… Unless they would slowly transition in.

However, if they did not do that, then there will have to be a button for you to activate the cabin lights. It makes more sense, since there will be less coding involved.

Let’s see what happens with this one.


This would make IF a tiny bit more realistic. Sadly, i’m out of votes :(

Nice features… It will make the night mode even better with the cabin lights…

But pilots can’t really see the cabin either…

In the game we have planes with indoor cabin… just take a look inside the 717 or the Citation X and you will see it, may be in the feature all planes will have this kind of indoor and this plus the indoor would be a nice combination… if this (it does) adds realism it would not be bad

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Its sometimes the little things that can add to the immersion 😊 Nice idea!

Ahhh! Yesss! I want to have this so much, I always thought that it would look really cool and also be more realistic!

This would be cool to see but I would find it more useful if we had a passenger view like in X-Plane or others.

An illiuminated cockpit would encourage the challenge and fun of night flying. I fly at night but and this would be great.

Yeah I know it would still be a good feature if the plane lights from the outside view of the plane would dim when your at cruise altitude or coming in for a landing

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