Ability to temporarily look around/hide the cockpit window frame

In the cockpit view, it is impossible to see anything behind the frame (ie. cannot look around it). This is especially a problem in the TBM. I am just proposing a button on the screen somewhere to hide/make translucent the cockpit frame when it is held down.

on the virtual cockpit view if you hold the camera button and slide up, there an option that removes the virtual cockpit and you can still look around.

perhaps that might be the solution you are looking for?


No I want to hide only the window frame, not the instruments.

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Oh ok, interesting idea. Maybe add some additional details on your original feature request to help those who check it out understand the concept. Not sure if you are talking about the HUD instruments or the actually live instruments that some aircraft now have. Some times if you can add a picture in you feature request that shows what you’re talking about it can help too. : )

If I’m understanding this right, you want the instruments to stay up but the actual cockpit metal frame to vanish? Don’t think this’ll fly for two reasons: one, it’s unrealistic — pilots can’t look through their cockpit 😂 Second, the live instruments to my knowledge are embedded in the cockpit. Can’t have one without the other! The option @Capt_D_Brown gave is the best solution if you do want to look around — it still gives the view from the front of the plane, but minus instruments

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A real pilot can look around the metal frame. In IF that is not possible. Of course allowing movement would be the best way, but it would be more user friendly to hide part of the cockpit.
The TBM frame is in the way when making a turn during taxi for example.

Wouldn’t a better idea be to have a cockpit free cam. Basically stays in the same place in the cockpit unless you move it…

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would be really cool but might be hard to use on a touch screen device