Ability to switch off Fuel-Burn

Hey folks,
I’ve seen on an instagram-pic of Laura that fuel burn is actually implemented, better said it will come when Global releases. I’m a big fan of just experiencing how the aircraft behaves differently when I switch the weight around. Furthermore, when Global is out I want to do some really long-haul flights. That wont be possible to do, since you cant refuel even if you land. I want Infinite Flight to stay Infinite Flight.


It will still be IF but different and besides fuel burn is a great idea as it is more realistic so there won’t be people who try and make trans Atlantic flights with a Cessna 172 even though that would be fun but I bet you with fuel burn once you park at an airport it will refill


Maybe needs to be Realism more and Fun mode.

One with fuel burn one without.


Ever heard of ferry flights? Not possible with fuel burn

Weight variations in flight would be nice 😁

Then there will be no ferry flights with fuel burn then again I like the idea of a fun mode and realistic mode

I like the idea of having to step climb because you filled the plane with every last ounce of fuel it would carry.

Add APU fuel burn as well!


You can’t in real Life.


Yes keep it on the whole time. Otherwise people can circle the globe in a Cessna 172.


OMG how tedious… That would take any where from 1 day to… 2 years…

Maybe they could still keep the old regions, where fuel burn isn’t a thing, or have it as an option in solo.

With global coming out there absolutely needs to be fuel burn. I don’t want to see someone in a Cessna 172 getting 5 days of flight time without stopping.


These are all really good ideas. I’m not sure that implementing them into a mobile based sim is feasible? Maybe I’m wrong. I’d love for IF to grow and give FSX a run for it’s money.


I have no peoblem with someone flying 5 days in a c172, doesnt affect my personal experience since people are spread completely over the globe and flight hours dont give xp. Landings do.


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@kuawit would surely love to do this :)


Misconception is that infinite fight means infinite fuel… infinite means everything not anything fuel specific.


Fuel burn will be great. I also think the amount of XP you receive should be partly based on how many passengers or how much cargo your aircraft has.

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Remember Infinite Flight is a simulator not a game. IRL fuel does burn there is no ability to switch that off


You said that you won’t be able to refuel. How do you know that? I think they will allow you to refuel if you land and not be able to change the fuel mid air like you can now.