Ability to switch frequencies through the nav panel

So i just got this idea, we can make it so that instead of switching from the ap panel with a button, you switch with the frequency the atc gives u and u edit the frequency on the nav panel. it would be more realistic and fun, this subtle improvement would make the sim 100x better in my opinion.

I like where you are coming from, but over half of the people won’t be able to do that, we will see a million “How to change frequency” topics on the IFC and loads of people causing chaos as they can’t switch frequencies. @appeals will have a hard time declining every report, and so on. So unfortunately don’t think it’s a great idea sorry :/

Vote here! Same idea it seems.

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they can make it so u can do it as it is rn, and if u wanna do it realistically u can, so like nav1, you can either manually enter it or just press tune

ah okay, it is the same idea. thanks for bringing that up :) i voted on it.