Ability to Switch Between Devices.

Hello! So here is something that has happpened to me. I start IF on my iPad and do a flight. But then suddenly I have to leave unexpectedly! I won’t be able to switch devices and fly when I am gone so what I usually do is just turn off my I pad so I can complete the flight when I get back home. With my account on both my phone and iPad, I would like the feature to Switch between my iPad and my Phone on the same flight in Infinite Flight.

Thanks! - Brayden

The reason this cannot be implemented is because one customer would then be able to hand out his credentials to other users, allowing for many unpaif people to be flying under only one certified account


Oh, yea. I never thought about it. Maybe only 2 devices? Although that could still work. Ooh! 2 devices under the same Apple ID or Android ID. It may be to complicated…

I think the devs could probably find a way to prevent it. Not sure though.

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Hey There!

We appreciate your post today but unfortunately, this is a duplicate topic. For future reference, please search before posting.

Anyway, I don’t think this will be possible in the future, but good luck with this request.

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Can a staff member shut the topic down? I’m sorry.