Ability to spawn inflight

I just had an idea where we could start at a certain waypoint and select an altitude, (this would be on solo not live) and then spawn at a certain heading and select a flight path. I just had this idea and I then made this thread… Thank you for reading this thread. If you want this idea please leave a vote or comment if you are out of votes

Just out of curiosity, what would be the point of spawning mid-flight? Kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying the time of flying on the sim. Maybe I don’t see something that you see.


ATC nightmare, no thanks. Maybe as an option in solo, but I don’t see it.


He did say solo in his post.


Did you guys not fully read the request? He says solo only, please fully read these sorts of things next time. :)


I scan most threads, I don’t them…

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Whoops…not sure how I didn’t see that 😵

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I like it, but unfortunately it’s not good enough for a vote. Great request.

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he said on solo riley

That’s quite an interesting idea in my opinion - we already have the solo feature to just perform a landing, so it could be kind of an extension for that. Since the start point for the only landing flight is always on the final approach it causes some issues at certain airports, thinking of Airports like Kai Tak or certain approach procedures such as at Funchal or Canarsie Approach at JFK this feature would make it possible to have a quick landing when there’s not to much time but with realistic approach procedures.

Choose your airport, select “Landing”, abort final approach and start your flight.

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What about those guys who want to start at say, 10000 feet and 154 nautical miles from the nearest airport?

Spawn at an airport that is 154 miles away and climb to 10,000 feet? This feature won’t be added. If you want that feature. Go play AeroFly.

You could do realistic approaches and do it like an actual landing. That is what my idea was all about

This is a flight simulator. Flight simulators simulate flights. I don’t know what happens where you are but where I’m from I don’t see aircraft spawning in mid air.

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I’m not saying I agree nor do I disagree, but what’s the point? What is the purpose?

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Sorry bud, this is a duplicate:)

Please search before posting

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