Ability To Spawn in as an Observer on a Live Flight

Observer Roll Option

Many of us love to take screenshots, spot from airports and watch others take-off and land. I think it would be a great feature on Infinite Flight for users to take an Observer Roll and choose an already existing flight and go live with that pilot.

Requested Features and Perks:

  • The ability for VAs and Pilot Trainers to take a cockpit seat and see how the PIC (Pilot in Control) handles the aircraft from a live cockpit POV.
  • The ability for observers to see all camera angles available to the PIC, this would allow the observer to take seamless screenshots and get great angles without having to worry about handling the aircraft.
  • Observers would be able to take part in the flight in-cabin, for those aircrafts that now offer in-cabin camera angles. This would allow for the feeling of being a passenger in the PICs aircraft.
  • PIC would have the option to toggle off this ability, and not allow anyone to observe.
  • PIC would have an observer count on their flight dashboard.
  • Observers would hear all ATC communication.
  • Observers would hear the Fasten Seatbelt/No Smoking bells while in cabin/cockit.
  • Observers would be able to toggle on/off Pilot Dashboard including flap control, throttle, etc. (The Dashboard would be viewable only, not editable.)

Observers, simply sit back and enjoy a flight on Infinite Flight.

If I’m not completely mistaken, FDS already has something similar on their bucket list.
I think Philipe mentioned it in Las Vegas during Jason’s podcast


It’s not a duplicate at at all, that is to join a server as a tower etc. this is not join another aircraft…

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While I agree they are similar, they are not duplicated. One request simple ATC camera views of the airport. This requests to actually be apart of a live flight.

Oh ok 👌, very easy to misread.

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If you know where this podcast is, would you shoot it my way! :) . Thanks!


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