Ability to show which users are online

Just a quick question: would it be possible for the IFC to show what users are currently online? I’m part of other Discourse forums and they have that feature however it seems to be absent here.

I mean, even “last active” works, you know…
Or sorry, I meant seen. If you click profile

Although there may be other Discourse forums that allow this, I (personally) feel like it’s a bit of an invasion of privacy.


With the quantity of people in this forum, I don’t think it would be particularly constructive to do so. In a group of less than, say, 100 it might be beneficial but here it would just be impractical. Having several thousand icons light up on the screen at any one time would just be irritating. You can always click on someone’s profile, the “Last Seen” section is usually a good indication of whether a person is around or not.

You can always just message someone if you are looking for a certain individual, I’m sure they’ll get back to you.

You can check which staff and mods are active by going to the “about page”. It is listed by which ones were last seen. So for example if moderator A was are the top of the about page for the moderation section, they are the last active moderator.

As we have roughly 15k+ (active) members on this forum it would be very difficult to see everyone active. If we had only the staff that is active that would be good to get a quicker response to a PM if necessary then finding one staff member that is online by looking at their bio or tagging the whole
@ moderator group.

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Mmm, there are nearly 50,000 members here, with roughly 12,000 active within the last 30 days.

Regardless, I agree with Blake. While this plug-in could be added, I assume that there are at least 100 members active at once, so it would be impossible to see everyone and probably create some clutter as well.

Additionally, as mentioned above, if you need to reach someone specific, you can click on their profile to see the last time they were active. I understand it’s not as efficient/easy; however, I genuinely don’t see this as a necessary feature as there are ways around this.


But could we do it for the staff members? As Blake said it’s useful to get quicker responses to PMs.

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I’m not quite sure, to be honest. I know the plug-in that allows for this to be implemented reads all active users, but it may be possible to only select certain users to display.

It would likely cut down on some of the pms that the entire staff group gets pulled into but other than that it would be useless in such a large community like this one. :)

Good idea tho Philippe I was thinking about this exact thing a day ago.

This is ultimately up to the Staff to think about and see if it will work or if they want it.

You could just check @moderators and see which ones are active.

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Are we able to get this feature for staff members?


Again you can always check this link to see who is online. At time of writing, Declan is the only active moderator. That took me 2 clicks.

To be fair, nobody has ever brought this up before, and I doubt anyone would actually make use of this feature as it’s pretty easy to see who is online. The moderators are ALL more than capable, and I’m darn sure there’s never a question that demands an immediate answer. If you want to speak to a particular moderator, you can always send them a direct message and they’ll respond when they’re online. 1hr, 12hrs, even a full day is still a pretty fast response time for any message. I know it’s taken me weeks before…

Messaging the aforementioned @ moderators tag is probably the fastest way to get a reply as notifies them. Just because someone is marked as online doesn’t necessarily mean they are active, or that they’ll reply immediately.

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Being able to control a different forum myself, the plugin system is easy, but it takes time and depending on the plan, money. Especially when you have so many people online at one time, it’s just not necessary to have a quarter of people at the top of the page. Well it would be nice to be able to see who’s online at what time, there could be upwards of 300 people online at one time on busy hours. That will create such a clutter at the top of the page, and something that the infinite flight community doesn’t want. Another alternative is that they can install the plug-in of last seen on user card, which is a great plug-in so you don’t have to click on the profile link, it instead just shows up in the card, which is a much easier way, and eliminates a step.

Yeah, I can already imagine how many users are online when you have the next aircraft vote like right now.

Here is exactly what I mean:

Photo taken from GAC forum

We won’t be adding something like this at this time, sorry.

Just message @moderators and someone will reply when able. Staff/mods being online doesn’t always mean they’re available to answer DMs right away


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