Ability to Show/Hide 3D Buildings

Good day IFC.

Something that I have seen a lot are people wondering about how the new airport buildings will cope with people’s devices. The main problem being brought up, is lag. These airport filled with detailed buildings can make phone go boom.

Therefore, I’m suggesting something, the ability to hide 3D buildings for boosted performance. This would allow people with aging devices better be able to fly in the simulator with minimal lag.

This is what it would look like hidden, and shown.

Please consider voting for this request, as I think it is a good idea, and can be very beneficial in the early days of 3D airports.

Felix out.

As part of our work on buildings, we’re testing with a wide variety of devices to make sure performance is good with all our new features. Something like a graphics setting will be added based on our testing results instead of votes.

We’ll have more information to share in due course, but I’m closing this to return your votes. Thanks for the suggestion!