Ability to show AP inputs and planned route in live cockpit during replay

I searched for duplicate but didn’t find one so I’ll make it :)
Currently when in replay mode, the AP in live cockpit seems to be off all the time, showing 000, or 360 for heading, during the whole flight. The ND is also blank with no planned route in display:

(I have a SID planned, VS and ALT set, yet it isn’t shown in replay.)
Recently during Beta I discovered a new feature in replay where you can check your flight statistics, even AP inputs and tuned frequencies:

So I doubt whether these can be made to show in the cockpit during replay.
This would definitely add more realism to the game and will be useful to make realistic videos. Currently if I need to record a video with displays on, I have to record it in flight and hide user interface which prevents me from controlling the aircraft. If this is to be implemented, it will certainly reduce my workload during flight.
Thanks for reading and feel free to vote! 😄

Now that is a great idea, you have my vote! :)

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